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Almost overnight (more specifically, on March 6 2012), the standard Android Market (first released in October 22, 2008) has changed into Google Play Store as part of a group of marketing strategies in an attempt to unify all the services provided by the giant Google. The marketing campaign announces: “There is a new place to find all the best Android apps”. In consequence, when you use Play Store download free, you can find and purchase many exciting applications, games (one of the most popular is “Where´s my water?”), and more from Google Play, from our Android device or the Web. That way they will be available anywhere, so you can enjoy them everywhere.

play store download free

But, what exactly is Google Play? It is actually a collection of applications, music, movies, games, books, and more that are available in any device. After the launching of Google Play, the regular Android Market was replaced and it is now much bigger because users can access those applications and use their digital content, everything in the same spot. It does not even matter where they are at that moment).
Under no circumstances, the transition can be considered drastic or dramatic. Users will get to keep their existing accounts, without having to change their personal information. It is just not necessary at all. They will notice that their accounts are automatically updated within days. They can find their favourite applications and games from a highlighted list or look for them in other categories or top lists. The method of shopping is also exactly the same as before.

play store download

Developers in general will continue to manage and distribute their application the same way they have done it before, using the console for developers. The links will also carry one working properly, directing users to the new locations of the applications in Google Play. So, there is no need to change the links.

However, right now Google Play is a collection, an assortment, a very complete group, since it gathers the aforementioned Android Market, Google Music (now Google Play Music), and Google eBookstore (now Google Play Books). It also includes Google Play Newsstand. The purpose of this strategy is a more integrated or put-together design to appeal to new customer. This will eventually lead to more downloads and purchases. In fact, the Google Play store has reached over one million applications published and over fifty billion downloads.
Among many other things, after you download Play Store free, you will be allowed to store up to 20.000 songs for free and purchase many more, and rent thousands of movies with Google Play Movies (whether they are new releases or HD quality). Moreover, it is also possible to download more than 450.000 Android games and enjoy the widest selection of e-books, which have become increasingly popular recently.

play store

Another highlight of this whole transformation is the possibility for users to give an application back after two hours (or less) since the purchase. After Google Pay updated all the sales policy, it is now possible to return an application if the user does not like eat for some reason. The period since the purchase cannot be over two hours. It is important to bear in mind that in 2010 this period was about twenty-four hours, but Google has decided to make it a little bit shorter. However, the amount of time given has proven to be enough for a user to test an application and decide whether he likes it or not, whether it is worth keeping or not. There has not been an official announcement about this measure yet, but the whole world of digital communication is paying attention to the Google headquarters and waiting for a confirmation. Nevertheless, it is not necessary that Android applications are directly purchased or acquired from Play Store. Actually, users may choose to download them using another website as a third-party alternative.
It is also worth mentioning that Play Store allows users to filter the list of applications ready to be used, particularly if they are compatible with the device. What´s more, some users may encounter strict restrictions in relation to the country where they are at that moment and some business boundaries or limitations (like the fact that some developers are engaged to specific carriers or countries or they have tied in their applications). For example, in Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Australia customers can buy and developers can sell. But in other places such as Croatia, Ecuador and Dominican Republic, developers are not allowed to sell. By the way, in Liechtenstein, customers cannot even buy. Some carriers, like the famous Sprint, might decide to ban certain applications if they connect random devices (these are commonly known as tethering applications).
The Android Package Files are self-contained. But what does that mean? As Play Store has been designed not to install applications, the convenient and useful Package Manager Service is the users´ resource to install them successfully and safely. That Package Manager is only visible in the screen if the user has downloaded the files before and directly into his or her device. Then, the applications are processed (for security reasons) and installed into the phone´s internal storage. However, if the users prefers so, and under certain conditions, they can be installed in the external storage card (that´s why purchases of external storage cards have increased son considerably in the last months).
Finally, we have mentioned the matter of security several times throughout this interesting article. We also have to consider that Google Play displays all the necessary permissions that an application requires to perform properly. For example, a game may need to resort to vibration on certain contexts or may need to access the user´s address book. It is the user´s responsibility to review these permissions and consequently decide whether to install the application or not. Other frequent permissions are accessing the Internet or the installed memory card, making phone calls, sending text messages, among others. All of them are related to functionality. They are worth bearing in mind and require some time to considerate so they do not escape the user´s control or intervention. For these reasons, most security software companies or manufacturer (like SMobile Systems) have developed so many applications to ensure the security of the Android devices.

How to do the Google Play Store update?

This is a recurring question among newcomers to the Android platform and sure even many of our readers do not know this little trick .

Play Store is the application that Google uses as a hub to find applications in Android, install them and keep them updated , now, how you can update from within the Play Store Play Store?

On numerous occasions I have reported improvements in a new version that Google is launching globally and in our article we give APK access to that version. To install it you need to access configuration to the installation of third-party APKs .

However there is a much simpler and effective method. Google usually launches in waves such updates to avoid saturating their servers and from the Play Store application itself can force the update of it before it arrives.

To do this we just need to go within the menu / options list Play Store to:

Settings -> About – > Version compilation and click on it.

In case there is a new version to download us a message will appear , if we are with the latest just a confirmation of that fact play update

Play Store download iPhone

Is it possible to download Play Store for iPhone? This question has been in the centre of the debate for quite some time now. Before we start talking about that, we should remember that Play Store is the new name for what was once known as Android Market. After an excellent update, the giant Google has now included the possibility to download movie rentals, books, and music from an extremely long list. The main difference is the new icon and it provides access to all kinds of digital content from only one spot. Even better, Google has made a big effort to let everyone know that Play Store is not only for Android users anymore. There are many different sections in the official Website, such us Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, or Google Play Books, and they are perfectly functional on a desktop for any user.

download play store for iphone

Nowadays, the fight for the market between all the companies that produce and manufacture cell phones is incredibly fierce. Although there are so many different options available, most users have noticed that they can get benefits from one device or another.

play store

However, for some of them, it can be difficult to know how to handle applications from a different cell phone. That´s why it is so important to Play Store download iPhone. As I have said before, Play Store is the applications store for the former Android Market. There is a long list or catalogue that contains all the necessary information about the downloadable applications, including electronic books (eBooks) and movies for Android (they can be rented for a certain period of time or purchased). This huge variety has resulted in the fact that many Apple users decided to download Play Store for their iPhones.

play store vs app store

Next, I should continue this article by carefully explaining how to Play Store download iPhone, and even for other Apple devices such as the iPods and the iPads. To say the truth, this process would prove to be extremely useful and handy for users all over the world. To begin with, you must download the APK file from Play Store to create a similar application that can be actually installed in iPhones. This application will allow us to gain access to other basic applications, movies and eBooks that belong to the Android Market. Nevertheless, after many changes and renovations, I have reached to the uncomfortable and irritating conclusion that it is absolutely impossible to download the amazing Play Store to any iPhone in the world. I personally believe that the only possible solution would be a strategic alliance between Google and Apple to create a unique operative system, or two operative systems that are compatible and can be easily synchronized.

Play Store download APK file

To enjoy the various benefits from Play Store or Google Play, as it used to be called before a much needed update (it has been optimized for tablets and smartphones with the version 3.0 Honeycomb), many users had to download it first, although most cell phones contained the application already preinstalled. This is because they are using Chinese, rooted, or second-handed devices, which do not have the Google applications preinstalled. Some of them do not even have the very useful application package. Most of the times this happens due to the fact that smartphones, tablets, and other small electronic devices must have an official digital authorization from Google to contain the aforementioned Play Store.

play store apk

However, with just a few clicks and within minutes, we will be able to download Play Store. The first thing we need to do is check the version of the operative system we are currently using. To check this, we must go to the menu “Adjustments / Configuration” and then, click on the option “About this phone / tablet”.

play store

If the Android version is equal to Android 2.3 or better, we will download Play Store without any problems. It is therefore advisable to possess these types of operative systems. Next, we should activate the tab “Install applications from unknown origins”. This step is basic because without it we can only download applications that come directly from the company Google. To continue with this quick and easy process, we must Play Store download the APK file in our personal computer (PC) and we will transfer it to our cell phone through the Wi-Fi connection or with a USB wire. We can also download it directly to out electronic device. Once we are done, we should open the file explorer and install the application. There are many excellent and free options available online and they should appear in the menu “Downloads”. Can you see how stress-free and easy it actually was?

download play store

Nevertheless, if the Android version is older than Android 2.3, it has to be immediately updated to the latest version of Android Market (also known as Android Central), that is to say the version 2.3.6. It is easy to find it online, because many manufacturers and electronic companies provide the necessary link from their official Websites. Once again, we should activate the tab “Install applications from unknown origins”. If we have the root access, the whole process will be much faster and smoother. With the administrator’s permits, we can speed it even more by downloading cwm recovery from the option Install from SD Card. Once we have finished, the only thing left to do is restart our cell phone and Play Store will be all set to be used. Now you can find awesome applications, multimedia, games, music, movies, and widgets.

Play Store download to SD card

Despite the fact that the capabilities of the newest cell phones have greatly increased, many users still have to face the annoying problem of full memory cards. This is because the internal storage of these devices remains quite low at capacity. As an attempt to solve this irritating situation (I say irritating because the cell phone starts working slowly and not properly, some companies have launched new accessories in the market, such as mini SD (Secure Digital) memory cards, Transflash memory cards, and Multimedia cards (MMC), among others. They are considered expansions for small electronic devices and they are extremely convenient and practical, because they are available in different sizes and kinds. They are quite popular between users, who have particularly tried App2SD or SD Move.

play store

To almost instantly boost a phone´s storage space and Play Store download to SD card (as I said before, it is highly recommendable to purchase one as soon as possible), we must install the Java JDK and the Android SDK. When this is over, we should execute the Android SDK Manager and mark somehow the Android SDK Platform Tools Package to install it. This useful tool package contains the Android Debug Bridge, a utensil that allows the user to connect to any Android device from the list of commands. The next step will be to connect the cell phone to the personal computer (PC) with a USB wire and then choose HT Sync as a connection mode or option. Be careful, though: some wires like HTC Dream are not a safe choice, because they cannot get through with the device in use.

play store sd

To continue with the process of installing applications directly in the aforementioned SD memory card, we must open the console of commands in the menu “Start – Execute” or by pressing Windows + R and clicking cmd at the same time. Next, we should click the tab “Programme file (X86)” or “Programme Files” and then, Android SDK / Platform Tools. Once we have finished this quick step, it is very important to check if the cell phone is connected and can be recognised or acknowledged. The device should have a long series number, but if there isn’t one or the cell phone is not recognised for any reason, you should try another USB wire. By typing netstat, we can check if the 5037 port is being used at this moment. That is the one that Android ADB works with. So, if it is actually being used, you have to close that process first. Another excellent option is to deactivate any antivirus, because they can suddenly interrupt the process of connection between ADB and the cell phone.

download play store

The final step is executing the command to force the installation of applications in the SD memory card. The parameter we need is called Set Install Location. It allows the cell phone to automatically choose the best location for an application (0 auto), to install all the applications in the internal storage (1 internal), or to install them in the memory card (2 external). To select the last option, you must execute one of the following commands: ADB Shell PM Set Install Location 2, or ADB Shell PM Set-Install-Location 2.

Play Store download Tablet

When it comes to smartphones, users have become dependent on a number of applications that are now elementary and basic on our daily lives. To begin with, we need a browser, a file explorer, and an application for instant digital communication. But, above all, we need the most vital application, the one that will allow us to look for and download all the others applications and our favourite games: Play Store or Google Play, the official market and portal for Google.
After a much needed update, in Google Play, there are more than seven thousand million applications available.

play store download tablet

Can you even picture such a big number? That amount of applications is constantly increasing with books, music and movies, that we can buy or rent (it is our call). So, in conclusion, we can say that the so-called Google Play Store is the responsible for our enjoyment and our necessary tools in Android, without the annoying hassle of syncing. Even if our mobile phone (or any device we will be using at any point, like a tablet) stops working or just breaks down, we should not worry about losing all our valuable information. Thanks to the accounts, once we reinstall Google Play Store, all the other applications will be automatically installed, which will save us a lot of time. It is also possible to buy gift cards for other people. Then, they can choose to spend them in any kind of content, the one they are most interested in.

play store tablet

Now, if we talk about tablets, first of all, we must remember that it is a new type of personal computer (PC). They work almost exactly as smartphones, as they are single units with sensors, cameras (usually two), touchscreens and downloadable apps. In order to download Google Play Store, we need to check what version of tablet we are using. If it is Chinese, a clone, or second-handed, or has been rooted (a free version of Android with the administrator’s permission), the device may not have the necessary authorization from Google. Therefore, all the applications that belong to this amazing company will not be preinstalled, including of course the aforementioned Play Store. That´s why we need to install it on our own with a quick and simple process that takes only a few steps.

download play store

To enjoy the various benefits of Play Store, download Tablet the APK file. The link is available online (it is actually very easy to find). Another option is to download the application directly in the tablet. This way there will be no need to transfer it with a USB wire later. However, the most important thing to bear in mind is to try the latest version of Google Play and test it from a safe Website. Once the file is already located in the internal memory of our tablet, we only have to activate the option “Allow the installation of applications from unknown origins”, which we can find in the tab “Adjustments / Configuration”, and then “Safety”. That APK file will surely appear in the icon “Downloads”. However, if it is nowhere to be found, we can always turn to the file explorer to look for that file and finally open it. There are many options available on the Internet. They are excellent choices, and also free. One of the most popular among experimented users is File Transfer, which moves one or more file from one location to another. The next step is extremely easy, too. We just have to follow the instructions to create our Google Play Store account and start enjoying all its several benefits and countless opportunities.

Play Store download for PC

When we talk about the application market of Google Play, it is not necessary to introduce this manufacturer any more (figures and statistics speak for themselves). This platform used to be known as the popular Android Market. It is one of the most used all over the world to download different kinds of digital content: applications, videogames, books, movies, magazines, multimedia, and even complete records from our favourite artists. Last year (more specifically, in July), it was officially announced that Google Play had launched more than one million published applications and has reached over fifty thousand million downloads. Anyone can easily see how important mobile devices are in our society every day: nobody leaves home without their smartphones or tablets. As a consequence, Google Play has become a basic tool for us.

download play store for pc

On the other hand, if there are no available devices under the operative system Android, is it possible to enjoy Google Play? Can we install Play Store, download for PC, and start taking advantage of its various benefits? My first instinct is to say no, because none of the official versions of Google Play currently available in the market can be downloaded and installed in Android devices. However, there is a way to do so, just by following these simple steps: installing Blue Stacks as an operative system for Android. It is a software programme that allows other programmes and videogames in a platform to execute properly. The installer is actually smaller than 10 MB. In that way, it is easy to appreciate all the Android applications directly on a big scale from our personal computer screen.

download play store

The Blue Stacks Player works extremely efficiently and competently. Users do not need to possess enough knowledge about informatics, since it can be installed like any other programme from the Windows operative system, as if it was the screen of a smartphone or a tablet.

play store

It includes a service to download applications, just by using both the mouse and the keypad as if they were a touchable screen. It also gives us the possibility of using the speeder of our mobile device and of synchronising it to our useful Blue Stacks account.

Play Store download free games

Although many specialists in the world of digital communications agree on the fact that downloading Play Store is somewhat unnecessary, it is actually a simple process, especially if the APK link is available. This is because the majority of the terminals have the application already preinstalled and users can start to enjoy it from the very first moment, just by turning the mobile phones on.

play store

However, this is not always the case. Some Chinese clones or terminals that do not have the corresponding official Google authorization (ROOT terminals) may require downloading Play Store. The aforementioned authorization makes it possible for Google to allow that all the applications are preinstalled in the smartphone (Google Now, Hangouts, Gmail, and Play Store, among others).

download play store

As I was saying, Google Play or Play Store, as it has been renamed, is the application that allows us to get most of the games, music, videos, and content in general for our mobile phone. There are millions of applications to enjoy: they include Play Store download free games, magazines, books (ebooks), music, and movies (to download or to rent for quite a low price). Besides, it has an attractive, eye-catching and well-designed platform, which encourages users to browse quickly and safely. One of the main reasons to develop a new interface was to prevent users from downloading content directly from the Web. The economic aspect of it is also important to consider.

play store free games

The first step is checking the operative system in the tab “About the device/phone” in the menu “Configuration” or “Edition” to check the Android version. If this version is older than the Android 2.3 or 2.3.6, it is not possible to download Google Play, because that application used to belong to Android Market. Consequently, the user does not have other option but to look for it online (it is pretty easy to find). With a better version, the corresponding link will lead us to the latest version of Play Store in an APK file. It must be downloaded in the device, whether it is a mobile phone or a personal computer (PC). Something very important is the ability to transfer installed applications from unknown origins. If we are using a PC, we should find the application with a file browser. If there is no browser installed, the Google searcher will automatically look for “Android file browser” with a big number of good suggestions to download one for free. The most popular are Astro or ES Explorer. An icon in the desktop or in the bar of notifications will automatically appear. Fortunately, when you open every file, there are detailed instructions to install it successfully so we will be enjoying Play Store in no time.
There are various advantages of choosing this way of downloading over others. The main one is that it can find all kinds of contents, such as millions of games, books, music and movies to watch online. This is done in a safe and rapid way. For all these reasons and more, Google Play or Play Store is considered to be the most important application currently. Most users would agree on this matter and have therefore downloaded it without hesitation.